Texas A&M – Corpus Christi College of Business
Student Internship Contract
Following are the list of responsibilities that you agree to when participating in the Internship program. Please read carefully, and sign below.

1. Return completed Student Information sheet and contract as soon as possible.

2. Keep Internship Coordinator informed of your schedule and any change in student information.

3. Present yourself in a professional manner at all times, i.e. appropriate appearance, punctuality on all interviews and on the job. Send a follow-up thank you letter after all interviews.

4. Notify prospective employer and this office when you are delayed or must cancel an appointment.

5. Return Job Information Sheet within one week of starting the job.

6. Return Project Proposal by the second week of the semester in which you are enrolled.

7. Prepare written report and/or oral presentation. Oral presentation should be no more than 15 minutes.

8. A copy of the written report MUST be sent to the faculty sponsor and the internship coordinator.

9. Notify internship coordinator when you are contacted for an interview and if an internship is decided upon.

The internship experience offers you unique exposure to the business world. Your overall performance is a reflection not only of yourself, but the College of Business and the university. Leaving a favorable impression with your employer will enable us to continue a positive working relationship with them.

Failure to meet the above stated conditions will be noted in your permanent file and reflected in your overall grade for the semester.
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