Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi College of Business
Internship Program
Supervisor Evaluation
Please use the following scale and assign a rating from 1 to 5. Grades will be assigned accordingly.
Outstanding Very Good Average Marginal Inadequate
5 4 3 2 1
Student Semester
Rating Factors Rating Outstanding….Inadequate 5……………1 Comments
Dependability: Follows directions, meets obligations well, follows through
Adaptability: Learns quickly, follows detailed instruction well
Attitude: Enthusiastic, cooperative, desires to learn and improve, works well with others
Knowledge: Uses skills and knowledge well
Quality of Work: How good a job does he/she do? Accurate, neat, consistent? Timeliness of job completions.
Initiative: Ability to work without supervision; sees things to do; seeks additional responsibility.
Decision Making Ability: Demonstrates the ability to recognize problems; assess alternatives; select, defend and implement an alternative.
Communication Skills: Ability to listen/respond, articulate and conversant, organized, lucid, appropriate writing style, assimilates spoken and written information well.
Overall Rating:
Please comment on the student’s strengths and weaknesses:
Do you perceive this program to be worthwhile? For the company? For the student?
If a full-time job opening were available, would this student qualify for full time employment in your firm?
If yes, was an offer made to the student:
Did the student accept the offer?
Has student worked the minimum number of hours (120 per semester)
The Intern’s supervision was primarily (check all that apply)  
A. Hands on and side-by-side with another employee.
B. Instruction then left to accomplish assigned task alone with periodic checks by supervisor.
C. Other (describe)
The duties of this intern would include (Check all that apply)
A. Assigned tasks as they arise
B. Special projects
C. Research
D. Customer contact
E. Presentations
F. Other (describe)
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Title E-mail
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