Texas A&M – Corpus Christi College of Business
Guidelines for Companies
We are confident any wage you pay will be earned in full by a student willing to learn, eager to excel and enthusiastic for a new educational experience. The student’s time on the job should be as rewarding as any course of study taken in the college years.

Following are some guidelines we offer to our employers:

1) Insist that the intern student follow all the rules established for regular employees.

2) Challenge the student with projects that require thinking, imagination, originality and common sense.

3) Routine jobs such as filing are part of the learning experience but please, not too big a part.

4) Encourage the student to ask questions. This is part of learning. As bright as the students are, they are being educated with your assistance.

5) We appreciate you setting a work schedule to fit the student’s course schedule, but don’t be too lenient. Establish the job requirements at the beginning, as well as the hours to be worked per week (minimum of 120 hours per semester).

The internship program is growing and students value it highly. Please consider expanding your participation by using more than one student. We also hope our students are strongly considered for career positions when they graduate.

The educational system is improving greatly by your cooperation in providing internship students with on-the-job training. Thank you for your help.

A reminder will be sent to you when the student evaluation is due.