College of Business Research Seminar Series

Fall 2018


Presenter (Lead):  Dr Hsaio-Tong Hsu

Affiliation: TAMUCC

Paper Title: Peer R&D disclosure and corporate innovation: Evidence from U.S. cross-listed firms

Authors: Hsaio-Tong Hsu and Huichi Huong

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Presenter (Lead):  Dr. Veysel Avsar

Affiliation: TAMUCC

Paper Title: Trade Integration and Method of Payments in Cross Border Transactions

Authors: Veysel Avsar and Alexis Habiyaremye (Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Town, South Africa)

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Presenter (Lead):  Dr Andrew Johnson
Affiliation: TAMUCC
Paper Title: The Use of Fourth Party References in the Selection Process
Authors: Andrew Johnson, Anita Reed, and Katherine Roberto
Abstract: Download Abstract
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Presenter (Lead):  Dr Ahmed Kamara

Affiliation: TAMUCC

Paper Title: On Optimal Taxation in the Presence of Non-Capitalist Households

Authors: Ahmed Kamara

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Research Seminar Steering Committee

For more information contact:

Dr. Patrick M. Crowley (Chair)

Dr. Oliver Cruz-Milan

Dr. Qiuhong Zhao

Other Research Related Events (Fall 2018)

Presenter:  Dr Jim Lee

Event: Hurricane Harvey Research Workshop

Event Date:  November 2, 2018; Time: 12:30pm to 1:45pm

Paper: Download Paper